About Wet Brain and Whether it can be Solved Forever

This health problem is observed by people heavy alcoholic consumers. It is known by various names worldwide, but the medical term is Wernicke-Korsakoff ailment. The main health issue when you drink in excess is the deficiency of Vitamin B1, which leads to the brain working abnormally. This is because this kind of vitamin needs to be adequate level in the body for smooth functioning of the nervous system. The ability of the body absorbing the Vitamin differs for a person drinking alcohol excessively for many years.

Many people aren’t knowledgeable about what is wet brain. To escape the symptoms of a wet brain the best solution is to join a good rehab centre. The Detox to Rehab is a reputed medical care unit popular to treat patients engulfed in drinking alcohol in more quantity daily.

About Wet Brain

It happens when lack of Vitamin B1 leads to experience symptoms of Thiamine. It is because the body isn’t able to convert sugar deposited in the body to the energy that helps the brain to function normally. This health condition affects brain function adversely and gradually the brain works slowly. This syndrome can happen quickly within a month or take few years. The movement and coordination of body parts become slow. It can even cause brain bleeding, which results in grave health conditions.

Can it be treated?

Fortunately, it can be resolved if the person stops having alcoholic drinks and lead a healthy life after medical treatment. However, longevity of the problem may lead to enduring severe brain damage problems and loss of memory.

The other causes of wet drain syndrome are malnutrition, aging, health problems related to kidneys and suffering from AIDS. The lack of coordination and slow movements are the earliest sign of suffering from wet brain syndrome. Hence, contact a skilled physician to get treated immediately.

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