Acne Light Box Therapy – 5 Questions Clarified

For those who have acne and do not react to the standard treatments of prescription creams and antibiotics, acne light box therapy may be the solution for you personally. There lots of questions surrounding this relatively recent treatment.

1. Why would you use this type of therapy over conventional methods?

Light-based therapies achieve much deeper amounts of skin with no damage to the surface of the skin. A few of these treatments damage the sebaceous glands, making them produce less oil. Others concentrate on the bacteria that induce the soreness of pimples.

2. So what can light box therapy provide for scars?

Light box therapy is known to reduce the look of scars and improve skin texture. The laser removes the very best layer of skin and heats the low layer. Once the wound heals, new skin forms. After several treatments, acne scarring is going to be less noticeable because they are engrossed in new skin. You should be sensible about possible is a result of laser hair removal and never anticipate that scars will appear reduced completely.

3. Can there be several kind of light treatment?

Yes, there are many options and every is renowned for specific benefits.

Blue-light – Acne that’s bacteria-based may react to this low-intensity blue light. The process is painless and usually completed in several sessions. Ongoing treatment methods are necessary since this kind of acne is commonly very active.

Pulsed light as well as heat energy – With no damage to surface skin, this pulsed light box therapy can destroy the sebaceous glands in the centre layer of skin. This therapy could be painful however the discomfort could be minimized through numbing creams applied prior to the treatment starts.

Photodynamic therapy – Medicine is first put on the skin that can help this therapy to operate. Then a number of blue, red and pulsed light are put on attack sebaceous glands.

Photopneumatic therapy – Targeted areas are given blue and sore point that destroy the bacteria that create acne. A vacuum can be used to suction the oil and dead skin cells.

4. Do you know the negative effects of sunshine therapy?

Negative effects vary using the treatment selected. Possible negative effects include temporary redness and dryness, temporary crusting or swelling and acne flare-ups.

5. Do you know the cons to light box therapy for acne remedy?

First, most insurances won’t cover this kind of therapy and coverings can be very costly. Also, the lengthy term results of light box therapy haven’t been identified as this is a reasonably new treatment.

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