The Best Pieces of Equipment for Full-Body Training.

Fat-burning and muscle-building exercises can be beneficial if you’re just starting to get active, but home exercise equipment definitely gives your routine a punch and helps you meet your goals faster. Our friends at all American fitness give us an insight about them, here the details.


This is the best home exercise equipment for running at home, burning calories, toning muscles, strengthening the abdomen, legs, and upper body. In addition, its use improves the health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, preventing hypertension and diabetes. We recommend those with a solid, folding structure and several levels of inclination.


The elliptical is much more than a machine to practice running, since first of all, we must take into account that what we will get with the training on this machine is to activate all parts of the body, since having to hold on to the upper levers, what we do is move our arms while we are running.

This involvement of the upper body is what makes this part of the body is worked and toned, since what we will be to perform a joint work of legs and arms that involves other parts of the body such as the abdominal wall, which remains contracted almost all the time that lasts the exercise, thus achieving a better overall toning of the different parts of the body.

Rowing machine

Rowing has been recognized as one of the most beneficial sports when exercising the whole body balanced. Many of these benefits can be obtained quietly through the rowing machine without a venture into the water.

With these exercises, you will be training both the lower and upper body intensively, emphasizing arms, chest, and back and strengthening the legs.

Stationary bike

The bicycle movement is ideal for burning inner thigh fat and firming the buttocks, back, and abs. On the other hand, if you do arm and torso lifts like in spinning classes during exercise, you’ll be able to define your biceps and triceps. Go for bikes that measure speed, pulse, and distance.

Fitness trampolines

These elastic elements allow fitness exercise and sports gymnastics. This apparatus is usually quite resistant as they are designed to be used by adults. They allow you to perform a multitude of movements in an easy way. Not only do you exercise your muscles, but it is also beneficial for improving balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Stair climbing machine

In the end, there are few things more effective than climbing stairs, even if they are “fake.” However, when you use it, avoid resting your hands on the handrails, hold with your back straight to work your legs and core. Otherwise, it won’t do any good.


The signature movements of the Row-N-Ride – the squat and the row – are compound movements, incorporating multiple muscle groups. The more significant the muscle groups you work at once, the more calories you burn when it comes to exercise.

Even a few minutes on a Row-N-Ride will be challenging for your muscles but also for your cardiovascular system. Many of the workouts you’ll encounter are an even mix of both, but some sessions will be more strength-based, while others will rely heavily on cardio.

What is most recommended is to do circuits with the machines you can purchase at all American fitness. Using the same one every day will ultimately not give us results as our body will get used to the movements. Varying routines and gradually adding other more specific exercises are the recipe to get the body we want.

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