Urolithin b powder- All you need to know

It is a type of phenolic compound produced in the human gut after absorption of some material containing food such as berries and walnuts. It is a natural product composed of anti-oxidant and anti-proliferative extracted from nuts and berries. This product is made to support the metabolism function of humans. Urolithin b is manufactured by Cofftek holding limited, a Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer. It is derived from pomegranate peels. It is manufactured in mass quantities. It is the only pharmaceutical facility globally that can mass-produce both the powder urolithin A and urolithin b. it has the monthly capacity of producing 1000kg powder.

Urolithin b powder – A brief note

These nutrients ensure the continuous supply of amino acids. These supplements maintain good health and help to boost our energy levels and enhance our immunity system. Urolithin b powder is also a regulator of skeletal muscle mass. It can display estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to improve muscle strength and endurance during aging. It has a high purity percentage of 98 percent. It is found in solid form with a brown appearance. It can also be used in solvent form. It is shipped under ambient temperature and non-hazardous substance.

It can mitigate muscle damage caused during extensive training and exercise and helps to protect our muscles against stress. It is very good for health, bodybuilding, and muscle gain. It decreases protein degradation and includes muscle hypertrophy. Urolithin b powder is used in sports nutrition formulas as a muscle-building ingredient. It is not regarded as a safe product compared to urolithin powder. They act more as a supplement to a body. It can be found in the blood of individuals fed with pomegranate. It accelerates muscle growth.

The source of extraction includes strawberries, berries, cherries, and it is also naturally present in shilajit extract, also known as asphaltum. It is known as ayurvedic medicine. It helps boost protein synthesis, which leads to better growth of myotubes. Storage should always be cool and dry away from sunlight and heat. 


  • Muscle growth
  • Helps to build lean muscle
  • Helps to prevent the breakdown of muscles.
  • Many supplements are available.
  • It can help fight down against oxidative stress
  • It can be used as a drug for antitumor and anticancer.

It is one of the most powerful natural muscle builders that helps to increase protein synthesis for muscle building and recovery. It is often formulated with other bodybuilding products. There are not many adverse effects on the body, but they are not safe compared to Urolithin A powder. The clinical trials have been carried out and will continue to be carried out to make it safe for the people.

It helps us to recover quickly going through a difficult workout. When used in combination, both powders help treat some deadly diseases such as Alzheimer’s disorder. The company provides innovative products of high quality for pharmaceutical industries. It is identified as a new muscle regulator. It also inhibits protein degradation.

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