When Can You Do What After A LASIK Treatment?

When will you be fully operational again, and can you devote yourself to everyday tasks without restrictions? The majority of patients who have had laser treatment can return to road traffic after just one day. Since the healing process is individual, you should, if possible, take a few days off from work to be sure that you can see without problems again and have recovered from the treatment. Learn more on this website on Lasik surgery.

Each eye is unique, like a fingerprint and the healing process is accordingly different. The goal with laser eye surgery is to see at least as well after the operation as with glasses or contact lenses. If a correction is carried out with wavefront technology, the patients usually see better than with glasses or contact lenses.

After laser eye treatment, patients may see a bit milky for the first few days or weeks. Dilated pupils and drops of cortisone and antibiotics also play a role in this. Even if 100% clear visual acuity is not yet achieved immediately after laser eye surgery, almost all patients are suitable for everyday use again immediately after the operation.

The most important thing is that you stick to the few guidelines of the treating eye clinic. After LASIK treatment, patients should not go swimming or visit a sauna or steam bath for about three to four weeks. In addition, the eyes should not be rubbed for a week. It is best to take a break of at least as long with strength training and all contact sports.

Women should avoid makeup for a week. However, if the healing process is problem-free, one should no longer perceive any major visual impairment after one day and be in good shape. So, you can start a new life directly from the eye clinic without visual aid and enjoy your new eyesight in all everyday challenges. However, everyone should be aware that the healing phase is very different for each patient and that comparisons are therefore not possible. It is best not to compare their eyes after a LASIK operation and always see stereo with both eyes before the laser eye treatment.

Rules Of Conduct After Eye Surgery

The essential rule in follow-up treatment is following the doctor’s instructions and being patient, whether after cataract surgery or refractive surgery, to improve eyesight. Immediately after the eye operation, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed for a while to support the healing process. For the time afterward, the following general information must be observed:

  • Refrain from driving for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid excessive physical exertion in the first few days
  • Do not rub or squeeze the newly operated eye
  • Always keep medical follow-up appointments
  • Use prescribed eye medication as directed

Daily body care is possible without any problems. However, the eyes should not contact water, soap, or shampoo.

Do not use additional visual aids, even if your eyesight is limited after the operation. The constant change makes it difficult for the brain to adjust permanently to the new conditions. You can learn more about Lasik on this website.

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